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College Hill Arsenal

Welcome to College Hill Arsenal

College Hill Arsenal is your source for the finest in Civil War era & antique arms, as well as fine military arms from the Colonial period & Revolutionary War through World War II. College Hill Arsenal is the outgrowth of years of personal research and collecting in the field of Civil War small arms. What started as a hobby for me many years ago has become a business. Over the past few years we have significantly expanded our inventory and the eras and types of military and collectible weapons that we carry.

I started out primarily as a collector of American Civil War infantry arms (especially imported arms), and I still try to specialize in that area. I try to keep a high quality assortment of muskets, rifles, bayonets and related items for sale at all times. As a collector, I always tried to purchase the finest examples of items that I could, and that philosophy has carried over into the business. I try to only buy inventory items that I would be proud to have in my own collection. The best part about doing this as a business is that it allows me to carry inventory in areas in which I was always interested in pursuing, but my collecting focus made me shy away from. Now I am very pleased to offer many of the unique and interesting handguns of the Civil War era, as a compliment to the long arms.

I have always had a particular interest in English & European import weapons used during the War Between The States, and as a result I try to always maintain P-1853 Enfield Rifle Muskets and Austrian M-1854 Lorenz Rifles in inventory. As an avid researcher of Confederate importation of arms & materiel through the blockage, I try to maintain an inventory of Confederate imported arms at all times as well. I also try to keep a wide range of Continental arms in inventory too. I actively try to acquire rarely encountered arms like the M-1851 & M-1857 Saxon (Dresden) rifles and other oddities whenever possible. I also keep an inventory of high quality US arms both long arms and handguns. I try to keep a large inventory of associated bayonets available for the long arms I sell, as well as a variety of the odd and less often encountered examples of socket and saber bayonets. I try to maintain a diverse inventory of related items like, interesting, imported & unique CW era revolvers (such as the Butterfield, Alsop, Allen & Wheelock, Adams, Tranter, Kerr, etc), a variety of gun tools & accessories, as well fine armed images - especially of those soldiers carrying imported arms!

Our expanded inventory includes a wide range of edged weapons and militaria from the Revolutionary War era through World War II! I have a particular interest in edged weapons including the bayonets and fighting knives of all of these eras, and work actively to purchase and offer many fine, unique and scarce examples of these arms.

I am always buying (single items or whole collections), selling and trading, so please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or e-mail to discuss items that you want to purchase, sell or trade. I also attend a number of the national and larger regional Civil War & Military Shows during the course of the year, so you can always check our Show Schedule page to find out if I will be set up at a show near you in the future. I try to average at least two or more shows per month, to make it easier for my customers to see my inventory in person.

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Web Site Inventory & Content Last Updated on 11/30/15

The last big show of the year is coming!
Saturday & Sunday December 5 & 6
The big "Middle Tennessee Civil War Show" (aka "Nashville" or "Franklin" show)
At the Williamson County Ag-Expo Center
Exit 61 off I-65 - the Peytonsville Rd. exit

I only deal in antique, pre-1898 arms that require no FFL for sale or shipping, and all arms are sold as collectibles only to those of legal age.
Please make sure that you know your state and local laws regarding the acquisition, possession & receipt of the various items offered here.
I cannot keep abreast of all of the constantly changing local laws which may prohibit the ownership of some collectible arms.
Thank you for your interest and enjoy browsing the site.

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To make it easier to find things in our WORLD WARS category, we have now split it into two sections.
EDGED WEAPONS for bayonets, knives, daggers & swords, and MILITARIA for everything else.

To see our newest items please click on: NEW ITEMS

To see our special sale items please click on: SALE ITEMS

To see when we will be at a show near you, please click on: SHOW SCHEDULE

Tim Prince
College Hill Arsenal Civil War Antiques
PO BOX 178204
Nashville, TN 37217

To e-mail us please CLICK HERE

Featured products

"The English Connection" By Russ Pritchard Jr & Corky Huey
See details
"The English Connection" By Russ Pritchard Jr & Corky Huey

Finally, after 20+ years of work the definitive book on Confederate Civil War purchases of arms and equipage from England is available for sale!

Our price: $125.00
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Anchor/S Marked Confederate P-1853 Enfield - Untouched
See details
Anchor/S Marked Confederate P-1853 Enfield - Untouched
SKU: FLA-3006

An extremely crisp & untouched example of a Confederate import marked "Anchor / S" P-1853 Enfield rifle musket with multiple carved names in the stock.

 Market price: $4500.00
Our price: $4250.00 save 6%
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Colt Baby Dragoon - Very Nice
See details
Colt Baby Dragoon - Very Nice
SKU: FHG-1771

A very crisp Colt M-1848 Pocket Model aka "Baby Dragoon" - well marked, all matching and with some original blue.

Our price: $5500.00
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British P-1859 Naval Cutlass Bayonet & Scabbard
See details
British P-1859 Naval Cutlass Bayonet & Scabbard
SKU: EWB-2122

A fine condition example of a British P-1859 Type II Naval Cutlass Bayonet by Kirschbaum, with a scarce original scabbard.

Our price: $950.00
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