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College Hill Arsenal :: F.A.Q.'s



1) Do you buy items?

YES. We are always buying quality antique military weapons and related items, especially Civil War era firearms, Confederate arms and European imports used during the war. We are interested in single items and collections of all sizes. Please contact us via e-mail or telephone to discuss your collection and the items you are offering for sale. Please do not send images of your items unless we ask for them and are expecting them. Large image files can clog e-mail boxes easily. We make very fair and realistic offers when buying, based upon current market conditions and values. We are a business, and we have to buy at a price where we can make a profit. Please try to have an idea of what you want for your items, as it is awkward to be put in the position of both appraising and buying an item. We pledge to treat you fairly, honestly and with respect, and ask that you do the same with us. We do not participate in “auction” type situations where sellers shop a number of different dealers, looking for the one who will offer $5 more than another dealer for the same item. If you contact us to sell your items, we assume that you legitimately want to sell them. We will make you a fair offer in good faith, but we will not engage in a bidding war with other dealers. Remember that this is a small community of collectors and dealers, and chances are, we will know if you are shopping your items with others. We also do not respond to unsolicited mass e-mails to every dealer on the internet. If you want to auction your item, contact an auction house, but please do not waste the time of 20-50 dealers with the bulk e-mails, as they are really irritating.

2) Do you accept consignments?

YES. We will gladly accept your consigned items for sale. Our standard sales commission is 20% of the realized price for your item. Lower commission rates can be negotiated for large collections and single items with values in excess of $5,000. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your personal situation.

3) Do you have layaway?

YES. We will gladly allow you to place an item on layaway. Typical layaway terms are 3 payments over 60 days. 1/3 is due to place the item in layaway, 1/3 is due 30 days later and 1/3 is due at 60 days. There are no refunds, returns or discounts on items placed on layaway. Layaway is typically reserved for items over $500 in value. In certain cases, we may be able to extend layaway terms to 90 days (with 25% down, and 25% due at 30, 60 & 90 days) on more expensive items. For items over $5,000, you may contact us to discuss payment options that work with your budget.

4) Do you do appraisals?

YES. We will gladly appraise your item, confirm its originality, authenticity, etc. This is a fee based service.. In order to appraise your item we must be able to examine it in person. We cannot and will not appraise items from pictures, descriptions, etc. We offer a range of appraisal services from simple valuation to detailed written reports. Pricing for these services vary, please contact us to determine the service that would be best for you and to receive a cost estimate. WE DO NOT ANSWER “What’s it worth?” or “What do I have?” e-mails. We simply do not have to time to respond to all of these questions. Do not send images or pictures of your item to us without asking permission first, as large images can clog e-mail boxes, especially when we are traveling and not regularly downloading e-mail.

5) Why does shipping cost so much?

Because shipping is expensive. We actually rarely break even on our shipping charges, and never make money on them. The price charged to a customer helps to defray the cost of packing materials, packing and shipping, but does not come close. A typical musket will cost between $35 and $50 to ship via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation and Insurance. It costs approximately $10 in packing material to box the gun, and pack it securely with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc. So a typical musket costs us between $45 and $60 to pack and ship (not counting our time and labor). For this service we charge a flat fee of $40 for most long guns (very expensive or delicate arms will cost more). At that price, we lose money on each gun we ship. We do everything in our power to keep shipping costs down, but as fuel prices increase the cost of postage and shipping supplies keeps increasing as well.

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